Internal transport

We supply all kind of trolleys for internal transport and various labour activities. The main picture of this page shows a set of Benomic Star double scissor trolleys, ready for shipment to one of our customers.

We can also provide you other trolleys, like Danish trolleys.

Danish trolleys are developed especially for the horticulture industry and are particularly suitable for pot plants and flowers. They are also widely used on markets by market traders, for transporting loose objects, for storage, for moving to a new site etc. This multi-functional container is extremely suitable for the transport and/or storage of very many different products!

Beside the practical use of the trolley, the trolley can be dismantled to a fraction of its size for return.


– External dimensions : 1350 x 565 x 1900 mm
– Internal dimensions : 1270 x 545 x 1735 mm
– Weight of chassis : 15,0 kg
– Weight of upright : 2,3 kg
– Weight of shelf : 4,5 kg

Each trolley will be delivered including:

– Chassis with 4 wheels
– 4x uprights in length of 1,8 meter
– 3x shelves

Optional available:

– tow bar and coupling
– upright extenders (in steel and plastic)